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A 3 years MoU signed between the Federation of African Engineering Organization (FAEO) and IHIP

On April 12th, both boards of the Federation of African Engineering…

Call to Action

Since September 2021 IHIP is proudly engaging on the field with 3 iNGOs, ZOA international, OXFAM international and FHI 360 to try out the harmonized form of contract.

If you think IHIP’s work on contracting in the humanitarian response could help your organization as well, join us through the current call to action.

The IHIP initiative

The IHIP initiative is mainly driven by operational challenges to improve how humanitarian actors engage with the private sector to deliver infrastructure projects. Its specific function is to build on existing private sector tools and adapt them to the humanitarian context and therefore allowing successful design and delivery of infrastructure. IHIP addresses this issue building on common references ( forms of contract for construction), which are already widely known and accepted by the private sector, the development and humanitarian actors.

Why can it help you with your construction project? Check Derisking with the harmonized construction contract.

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